Extraordinarily Simple Weight Loss for Christians: How to Conquer Cravings

Extraordinarily Simple Weight Loss for Christians: How to Conquer Cravings

Revealed, in this 45 page booklet you’ll discover vital health tips on nutritional and natural honey. Plus, an old and new way of treating many ailments as well as, ways to make your body function at its highest level through the use of sweet golden honey. Also known as warriors gold honey, has been used by sports people and warriors for centuries because of its health giving properties. Honey may have it all? It’s entirely natural a great source of fuel for sport and offers many health benefit


Using six easy tests developed by longevity scientists that determine biological age, and Edita Kaye’s own personal experience, “Fountain of Youth” offers a flexible, tasty new way to attain slenderness. The program includes 90 days of simple, satisfying six-meals-a-day plans, based on “youth foods” available in the grocery store for pennies a day Print ads. TV satellite tour. National print publicity.Edita Kaye approached her 50th birthday with dismay. She had tried every diet (many twice), and

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This book is the perfect cure for feeling old. It offers a fresh take on aging with a lot of practical advice. There are suggestions and solutions to avoid behaviors that may make you appear older than your chronological age. Written by a highly qualified adviser in a common-sense style, this book is a resource and a must-read for anyone with an aging partner or relative. Most middle-aged peple hate getting older. This book makes suggestions for meeting the challenges of aging. Part I dr

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