Major victory: Calgary city council votes to remove fluoride from water supply - Pregnancy Health

Major victory: Calgary city council votes to remove fluoride from water supply - Pregnancy Health

Major victory: Calgary city council votes to remove fluoride from water supply - Pregnancy Health

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Major victory: Calgary city council votes to remove fluoride from water supply

(NaturalNews) Calgary, Canada, with a metropolitan population of well over one million, will no longer lace its water supply with toxic fluoride. After much heated debate from both sides, the Calgary city council voted 10 – 3 to stop adding the hazardous chemical byproduct of the aluminum and phosphate fertilizer industries to the city’s drinking water, ending more than 20 years of needless poisoning and scoring a significant victory for public health.

“It’s an issue that has been debated vociferously around the world for 50 years,” said Druh Farrell, the municipal council member that led the charge to remove fluoride. “[Fluoridation] became an established point of view, but now the wisdom of it is being questioned around the world.”

Many smaller towns and cities have successfully resisted water fluoridation or voted to end it throughout the past several decades, but the fact that a large metropolitan city has now done it speaks volumes to the awakening that is taking place. Calgary’s decision to cease fluoridation is key, as several other large cities throughout North America are right now considering doing the same thing.

“Fluoride is neither a nutrient nor required for healthy teeth,” said attorney Paul Beeber, president of the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, concerning New York’s potential removal of fluoride. “Studies show fluoride ingestion doesn’t reduce tooth decay.”

In the U.S., efforts are currently underway in both New York City and San Diego to fight artificial water fluoridation. City councilman Peter Vallone of New York City has proposed a bill to end fluoridation in the Big Apple, which if successful will have huge implications for ending fluoridation throughout the U.S. And concerned citizens in San Diego continue to fight efforts by the city to expand fluoridation throughout Southern California (

Everyday citizens and concerned individuals need to continue to step up and speak out about fluoride if this mass poisoning is to end. Great victories are taking place, but they are all the more reason to step up the fight even more. Now is the time to vigorously attend city council meetings, present evidence to officials, and demand that the forced medication cease. The days of water fluoridation are numbered.

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