Emergency Information MedicTag Questions

Emergency Information MedicTag Questions

1 What are the system requirements?

IBM Compatible PC or Notebook
Windows XP/ Vista *
USB 1.0/1.1/2.0
Microsoft® Word**

Please ensure that you have installed the latest updates for your the MediTag information system.

* Windows XP/ Vista is recommended for MedicTag and will automatically recognize the device. MedicTag also works with Windows NT/2000.

** If you do not have MS WORD or a compatible word processor a FREE open source Office Suite is available from OpenOffice.org at http://www.openoffice.org/ or you can download the Lotus Symphony for FREE at http://symphony.lotus.com/software/lotus/symphony/products.jspa

2 What information can I put on MedicTag to cover any kind of emergency?
MedicTag comes with a template form installed, View Demo, simply fill in as much or as little information as you need.
3 Can I save a backup copy of my emergency information?
Yes, when you have filled in the form we recommend that you save a back up copy to your computer.
4 Can I update or change my information later?
You can update your information whenever you choose. The information you provide will be used by medical professionals to determine treatment. You must always update the MedicTag with current information to insure proper medical treatment.
5 What happens if I accidentally erase my information off of the MedicTag or the template?
Contact support for a new copy of the software. A copy will be sent to you in a zip file, simply unzip and copy the files onto the device and fill in your information.
We also recommend that you save a copy of the form to your hard drive, you can then restore it to your MedicTag if necessary (Item 3 above).
6 What emergency services can use the MedicTag ™ device?
Any emergency service with access to a PC or laptop can use MedicTag. Many ambulance, rescue and police vehicles have laptop computers on board and more are being equipped with them everyday.
Yes most doctors offices have PC compatible computers with USB ports. Your doctor can even update your medical information for you. You can also copy and print out your information to take with you when seeing a new physician.
8 Can I put a "Do Not Resuscitate" order on my MedicTag?
Because different states have different requirements, we do not include DNR orders or Advance Directive (Living Will) forms as part of the MedicTag software. If you have an Advanced Directive form or a DNR order signed by your doctor you may list it in the yellow highlighted area at the beginning of the information form or in the "Additional Information" area at the end of the form. Also indicate the location of the actual order form and the name and contact information of the physician that signed it. You can also scan a copy and save it to your MedicTag.

Please contact your primary care physician, local hospital or health department for information about DNR orders and Advanced Directive forms.

9 What if the program doesn''t start automatically?
Click on "My Computer" then click on the MedicTag icon then click on "AutoRun.exe". For a step by step guide click here.

The two most common questions

10 What is the switch used for?

The switch can be used to make the unit "read only" by placing the switch to the right, protecting your information from accidental changes. If you get an error message similar to the one shown below the switch may be in the LOCK position.

Make sure the switch is to the LEFT when adding or updating your information.

11 Why do I get the message "specified file not found" when I try to view the form after I saved it?
Click on "My Computer" then click on the MedicTag red cross icon to view the files on the MedicTag drive. The information form must be named "MedicTag Information.doc" without the quotes. If you saved the form with a different name than the original, the menu program will not be able to find it.
Another common error is saving the form with the wrong file type extension. It must be " .doc ".
If you are using a word processor other than Microsoft Word, make sure it is configured to save the form as a Word document with the .doc extension. For example WordPad can only read .doc files, it cannot be used to save a file with the .doc extension.
If you have saved the form in another format such as .rtf you will need to contact support to obtain a new copy of the form.

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