Beanstalk Express - Helpful Nutrional Resources for Children

Beanstalk Express - Helpful Nutrional Resources for Children

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Helping raise healthy children and combat childhood obesity

“Getting It”: Your Greatest Tool For Healthy Habit Building

Before any long-term changes can be made to effectively help guide our children on the course of building healthy eating habits, and even correcting some unhealthy habits you may have in your own diet, it is vital to understand what the effects of food have on our bodies. Not just referring to weight gain – but how overeating leads us to becoming overweight. The understanding of how our metabolism and endocrine systems work, and the important “cause and effect” that food has on maintaining a healthy body and body weight is undoubtedly the most important tool in your success in raising your child with healthy eating habits. Read More >

Considering the fact that obesity rates have soared to epidemic proportions in our society, accompanied by overwhelming rates of diabetes, heart disease and cancer – it would be fair to assume that the majority of Americans are not eating “properly”. How could so many people get it so wrong? This is when the head scratching begins, and cerebral light bulbs go off. What if… it wasn’t just coincidence? What if we have been being fed WRONG nutrition – both literally and figuratively – and the accumulative effects of artificial additives, excessive sugar and salt, man-made fats and chemical dyes were the reason behind the “dumbing-down” of the American diet – and the fattening up of it’s consumers? Read More >

ARTIFICIALLY REARED: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You (And ESPECIALLY your children!)

Because it’s on the shelf, available for consumption, many consumers assume that all foods are safe foods. After all, in order for it to be available in our grocery stores, it must have gone through rigorous examination and safety inspection in order for it to be passed by the FDA, right? Not exactly...With all due respect to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), their abilities to safeguard all consumers against the long-term effects of any given food additive is imperfect. In fact, on their website, the FDA states that the absolute long-term safety of any additive to our food cannot be guaranteed. What parents must understand is this very simple fact: You are your child’s advocate. Do not put the health of your child and family into the hands of the food industry or even the FDA. Read More >

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