Case Studies : Ideas that Work!

Case Studies : Ideas that Work!

Our case studies feature outcomes and ROI examples. We hope you''ll enjoy them and post your comments and add your own point of view for each.

When a patient with a sore throat, migraine, simple UTI or other minor ailment heads to the emergency department for a cure...

a number of consequences occur of which every hospital is familiar: longer waits for patients with more serious conditions, higher costs for the patient, payer, and the hospital, and the challenge of treating a patient in a less-than-ideal care setting. While hospitals are required by EMTALA to take care of all comers, innovative pioneers around the country are testing an a revolutionary strategy for dealing with non-emergencies in the ED — they screen patients for more serious problems before sending them on their way to a primary care appointment arranged by the hospital.

The new approach in the ED works like this:

Incoming patients are triaged by a nurse, who follows a physician-developed protocol to quickly determine if the patient could be better served in a less urgent setting. The patients are then brought back to be seen by a physician or nurse practitioner, who discusses the hospital''s new policy and determines the best course of treatment. Finally, a patient advocate arranges a primary care appointment within the system or another provider of the patient''s choice.

Our consultants will bring compliant program strategies, deal with change anxiety of the ED staff, and help you plan for this radical delivery and strategic change within an integrated health delivery system, or if you have your own hospital-affiliated health plan or a multi-specialty practice group or PHO. So far, first movers have mitigated upwards of $70-100K in gross charges each month with increased revenue to collaborating primary care physicians, while shouldering the cost of referring non-paying patients to their primary care practices.

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