Researchers says use of ultrasound can target prostate cancer tumors

Researchers says use of ultrasound can target prostate cancer tumors


Eindhoven University of Technology’s researchers have been developing method of using ultrasound to more successfully target prostate cancer tumors.

According to the statistics of the American Cancer Society, in this year alone, there are some 217,730 men in the Unites States have been identified with prostate cancer and 32,050 of those figure were already died because of the disease.

However, diagnosis depends mostly on non-targeted, painful biopsies that result in several negative and false results. That is why these researchers develop the use of ultrasound to diagnose tumor more effectively and they said that they had great accomplishment in their four patients on whom they have tested it.

In addition, the method involves injecting micro-bubbles of an opposing agent into their patients. Using ultrasound, these small bubbles react in a different way than blood and tissue do, which makes them noticeable even in the least blood vessels.

Moreover, the researchers look for the pattern of blood vessels, as those seen differently in tumors rather than in healthy tissues, and the absorption of those micro-bubbles helps to disclose these patterns.

Also, the blood vessels’ pattern may even resolve how destructive the cancer is, because cancer tumors need new blood vessels to keep on growing. After searching for the correct size and location of tumors in their four patients that they currently tested, the researchers said that it is now sorting out a pilot study to carry out next year during which they will employ this latest imaging procedure to better show biopsies in patients with prostate cancer.

In time, they expect to use that technology to find out whether biopsies are needed at all, and they also stated that they hope to bring out their technology to hospitals in the expand of five years.

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